Westgate SuperBook Launches Second-Chance SuperContest Reboot Football Contest

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, home to the famous SuperContest pro football handicapping competition, has announced a second-chance football betting contest for 2019. Titled the ‘SuperContest Reboot,’ the second-chance contest has a $500 entry fee and takes place over the final nine weeks of the NFL season, Week 9 through Week 17.

It doesn’t matter if you entered the regular SuperContest or SuperContest Gold this season, you can still play in the SuperContest Reboot. So whether you’re a brand new contestant or someone whose run in the SuperContest faded quickly, there’s still plenty of opportunity ti chase a big payday.

Contestants can enter up to two times maximum and the deadline to sign up is Saturday, November 2, 2019, at 11 a.m. PT. The Thursday Night Football game on Thursday, October 31, between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals can be used as part of the first week of the SuperContest Reboot, but contestants must be signed up in time to include that game. Contest lines will come out on Wednesdays each week and if you want to include the Thursday game then you have to submit all five picks ahead of Thursday kickoff time.

What To Expect from the SuperContest Reboot

The Las Vegas SuperContest attracted a record number of entries for the ninth consecutive season, drawing in 3,328 entries in 2019 and creating a prize pool of nearly $4.6 million. The SuperContest Reboot doesn’t figure to get that big, though, both in terms of entries and prize pool.

Getting upwards of 3,000 entries will be tough. For starters, the SuperContest Reboot has less run time for registration, which means less run time for pre-contest marketing. Contestants who want to play, although they can use a proxy service in Las Vegas, will still need to sign up in person. Like the SuperContest, it’s a one-time in-person registration to get signed up, but there will likely be fewer people from outside of Sin City who make another trip back on shorter notice. Many contestants plan for a whole year to compete in the SuperContest and make a trip out of heading to Las Vegas to sign up. One would have to guess fewer people will do this sort of thing.

Whereas you’ll lose some people due to unawareness and travel, you may gain some people with the more affordable buy-in of $500. That’s one-third of the price of the regular SuperContest, and one-tenth of the price of the high-stakes SuperContest Gold that has a $5,000 price point. A $500 entry could be more enticing to some that may not want to shell out $1,500. If you think about it, SuperContest Reboot contestants are getting a little better value in that they’re paying one-third of the price for more than half of the season (nine games). The SuperContest Reboot will also be good for those who like to take it easy with their NFL betting in the early part of the season while they figure teams out and have more of a recent sample size to go off of.

Although it seems unlikely to get a similar field size of 3,000-plus entries, the SuperContest Reboot could very well draw a healthy 500 to 1,000 entries and provide a juicy prize pool for those involved.

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