‘WALTER PAYTON’ Wins 2019 SuperContest Gold for $585,000

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest Gold drew 117 entries in 2019, each ponying up $5,000 to enter. The high-stakes football handicapping competition featured a winner-take-all prize structure and had $585,000 up top for the winner. With a 4-1 result in Week 17, contestant ‘WALTER PAYTON’ became the newest SuperContest Gold winner, capturing the huge score. He will forever be remembered in the sports betting history books as the 2019 SuperContest Gold champion.

In Week 17, WALTER PAYTON picked the Tennessee Titans (-3.5), Chicago Bears (+1), New York Giants (+4.5), Baltimore Ravens (+2), and Los Angeles Rams (-3). Only the Giants failed to cover. With the Week 17 result, WALTER PAYTON closed the 2019 SuperContest Gold season in the same fashion that he started it, by scoring three consecutive 4-1 performances.

Even with ‘IG:THISISWALKERAT’ going 5-0 in Week 17, it wasn’t enough to catch WALTER PAYTON. The two contestants shared three of the same picks, taking away a lot of leverage that IG:THISISWALKERAT might’ve been able to gain, and then WALTER PAYTON was able to hit on one of his two differing plays. Coming into Week 17, WALTER PAYTON had a 2-point lead over IG:THISISWALKERAT, and that lead certainly helped WALTER PAYTON hold onto the top spot.

2019 SuperContest Gold Top 10 Standings

1.WALTER PAYTON53-31-153.5
3.WORKMAN WW250-33-251
4.BLUE DREAM49-33-350.5
T5.HAND OF DOOM49-34-250
T5.SAKA 249-34-250
T9.ACK ATTACK47-35-348.5
T9.GRITTY G47-35-348.5
T9.TOTAL BEDLAM47-35-348.5

WALTER PAYTON went 53-31-1 on the season, earning 53.5 points and finishing a full point ahead of anyone else. WALTER PAYTON was never ranked lower than fifth in the SuperContest Gold standings all season, and he enjoyed seven prior weeks with the number one spot.

WALTER PAYTON became the third winner of the SuperContest Gold, following in the footsteps of 2017 winner ‘Stag Capital’ and 2018 winner ‘There Can Be Only 1.’

In 2017’s inaugural SuperContest Gold, 94 entries were tallied and Stag Capital walked away with a first prize of $470,000. Stag Capital went 51-32-2 for 52 points that first year the SuperContest Gold was held.

In 2018, 128 contestants entered and There Can Be Only 1 took home $640,000 for the victory. There Can Be Only 1 scored 56.5 points thanks to a final record of 55-27-3.

To read about the winner from the regular SuperContest, who took home $1.469 million in prize money, click here.

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