Top Five Performances in SuperContest History

What are the greatest performances in SuperContest history? That’s what SharpSide is here to highlight.

The Las Vegas SuperContest has a long and storied history, and available results go as far back as 2004. The contest has seen enormous growth and is considered to be the world’s premier sports handicapping competition. If you’d like to know about the history of the contest, past winners, and more, make sure you check out SharpSide’s ‘Everything You Need To Know About the Las Vegas SuperContest’ deep dive.

Below you will find a list of the five best performances in SuperContest history.

2014: ‘CH Ballers’ – 64-20-1 (64.5 points)

In 2014, the Las Vegas SuperContest attracted what was a record-setting field of 1,403 entries. At the time, it was the fourth consecutive record-breaking field size for the contest. Among the pack was ‘CH Ballers,’ a group of four friends that currently hold the record for the best SuperContest performance ever.

Justin Green, Andrew Leff, and two other members absolutely crushed the SuperContest in 2014. The team posted a record of 64-20-1 on the season, which means they picked winners at a rate greater than 76%. The previous best record came from 2011 when the winner picked at 72.5% (see Sans Souci below).

CH Ballers did so well during the 2014 season that they didn’t even have to sweat the final week. The team shared common plays with its closest competitors that guaranteed them victory before action got underway in Week 17 of the NFL.

With the 2014 SuperContest win, CH Ballers walked away with $736,575 in prize money. If the team of four split it evenly, that was a win of more than $184,000 for each member. CH Ballers’ 64-20-1 record from the 2014 SuperContest is still the best record ever produced in the Las Vegas SuperContest. That’s an incredible feat when you consider how much the SuperContest has grown ever year since, going from 1,403 entries in 2014 to 1,727 in 2015, 1,854 in 2016, 2,748 in 2017, and 3,123 in 2018.

2015: ‘Rounding Again’ – 59-23-3 (60.5 points)

In 2015, James Salinas entered the Las Vegas SuperContest as one of the competition’s 1,727 entries. He entered under the alias ‘Rounding Again’ and went on to a haul of $914,175. Salinas won $906,675 in first-place prize money and then a $7,500 bonus to get to that total.

Salinas’ record in 2015 was 59-23-2, which gave him 60.5 points and tied him with Sans Souci for the second highest point total ever.

While his performance in 2015 tied him for the second most points ever in the SuperContest, the legend of Salinas only became greater in the years that followed. In 2016, he placed tied for third for $116,199. Then in 2018, he took 26th for $14,844.

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2011: ‘Sans Souci’ – 58-22-5 (60.5 points)

Another group of four to win the Las Vegas SuperContest was ‘Sans Souci’ in 2011, with what was the best record to date of 58-22-5. That was good for 60.5 points, a win rate of 72.5%, and a first-place payday of $310,200 for members Brady Kannon, James Gallo, Robert Oseland, and Paul Caruso.

In the 2011 SuperContest, San Souci topped a field of 517 entries, which was the largest field ever at the time, and it was the first year that a SuperContest contestant had hit 60 points.

2017: ‘Grannys Boy’ – 58-22-5 (60.5 points)

Topping the 2017 SuperContest leaderboard and besting the booming field of 2,748 entries was Briceton Jamar Branch, playing the contest under the alias ‘Grannys Boy.’ Branch posted a record of 58-22-5, which was the same as Sans Souci and good for 60.5 points.

Not only is Branch’s 2017 SuperContest performance one of the best in history, but his win allowed him to become the contest’s first-ever seven-figure winner. In 2017, for the first time ever, the SuperContest gave out a first prize of more than $1,000,000, and Branch took home $1,327,280 for the victory.

2014: ‘General TSO’ – 60-25 (60 points)

In 2014, the year that CH Ballers won the SuperContest, contestant ‘General TSO’ finished second. Even though he didn’t win, General TSO’s record of 60-25, which was good for 60 points, was enough to land him as the fifth best SuperContest performance ever.

In most other years, the 60 points earned by General TSO would have been enough to win the Las Vegas SuperContest, but instead it was only good for the second-place prize of $294,630 because he ran into the juggernaut that was CH Ballers.

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