Streak Contest Update: ‘Cmay011’ Pushing for All-Time Best

Streak Contest Updates

The SharpSide Streak Contest is still going strong, and sitting at the top is longtime SharpSide user ‘Cmay011’ with a streak of 12.

Currently, ‘Cmay011’ is the only contestant with an active streak that extends into double digits, but there are a few contestants nearing that mark. ‘Mdavis64’ and ‘Shredder’ each have streak of nine, and then ‘davey’ and ‘RiverGlenn’ are sitting on streaks of eight.

In a previous interview, ‘Cmay011’ told SharpSide that he used to live in Las Vegas and is an avid sports bettor, along with being an avid daily fantasy sports (DFS) player. His favorite sport to bet on is baseball, “Since there is so much data to draw from for sample sizes, etc.” With a new baseball season not too far off, we could see ‘Cmay011’ push himself further up the SharpSide leaderboards. On SharpSide’s baseball leaderboard, ‘Cmay011’ ranks No. 6 overall with a record of 590-476 for 7,449.65 points.

At the time of writing, on Thursday, February 11, 2021, there were 23 different SharpSide users with active streaks of six or more, putting them in the prize-earning territory. Remember, building a streak of six earns a contestant $10 in prize credit on FanDuel, and more prizes can be won by increasing a streak from there.

Right now, ‘Cmay011’ has earned $90 in prize credits with the current streak he’s on, and he’s not too far off from setting a new all-time best for a SharpSide streak. The current record for best streak ever belongs to ‘miguelnoche,’ who ran up a streak of 14. Two SharpSide users, ‘bigballhandler’ and ‘JTSnow4091,’ previously built streaks of 13.

If you’re interested in playing the SharpSide Streak Contest, it’s completely free to play. All you have to do is download the app for your Android or iOS device, create an account, and start playing. If you’re a member, you can use the same login information. For more details on the SharpSide Streak Contest, click here.

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