Sharp NFL Week 17 Picks from Vegas Contest Leaders

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens (photo credit: USA TODAY Sports)

There’s a ton of uncertainly and a whole lot of nothing to play for spread around the NFL in Week 17, but what we do know is that contestants in the big Vegas sports betting contests are playing for a ton of money in the final week of the season. In the Circa Sports Million, a $1,000,000 first-place prize is up for grabs. In the Las Vegas SuperContest, there’s a $435,623 prize up top. In the Las Vegas SuperContest Gold, someone will be winning $360,000.

With so much on the line, you better believe the current leaders are going to do everything in their power to make the best spread picks in Week 17. Those picks get released to the public before the games start, and SharpSide is here to tell you exactly who the leaders are backing.

Remember that these sports betting contests use contest point spreads that are locked in once released and do not change as regular point spreads might change.

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Circa Sports Million Leader Picks

In the Circa Sports Million, ‘ODBMG-2’ leads the way with 53.5 points from a record of 53-26-1. While ‘ODBMG-2’ is in the driver’s seat to win the $1,000,000 top prize, he’s only a half of a point ahead of ‘DSR90-1’ in second place, and then the two contestants tied for third place for just 1 point behind.

In Week 17, ‘ODBMG-2’ has made the following Circa Sports Million picks:

Washington Football Team (-2)
Green Bay Packers (-5)
Carolina Panthers (+7)
Baltimore Ravens (-12)
Seattle Seahawks (-6)

If we dive into the archives on, we can see that ‘ODBMG-2’ has leaned on picking favorites this season. With four more favorites on his card in Week 17, ‘ODBMG-2’ has selected favorites 60 times. Through the first 56 times doing so, ‘ODBMG-2’ has a record of 38-17-1. When taking underdogs this season, ‘ODBMG-2’ has gone 15-9.

At 52-26-2 on the season, ‘DSR90-1’ is nipping at the heels of ‘ODBMG-2.’ Let’s also take a look at the sides that ‘DSR90-1’ has picked in Week 17.

In Week 17, ‘DSR90-1’ selected the following sides:

Pittsburgh Steelers (+8.5)
Houston Texans (+7.5)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7)
Baltimore Ravens (-12)
Miami Dolphins (+1)

As you can see, the ‘ODBMG-2’ and ‘DSR90-1’ are only sharing one pick that is the same, and it’s the Baltimore Ravens (-12). Each contestant then has four completely unique picks between the two cards.

What’s crazy is that ‘ODBMG-2’ is also leading the Las Vegas SuperContest. There, playing under the contest name ‘ODBMG2,’ he’s the same half of a point up on the competition.

SuperContest Leader Picks

As we just mentioned, ‘ODBMG2’ leads the SuperContest into Week 17 and this is the same contestant that leads the Circa Sports Million. In the SuperContest, he’s also a half-point up in the standings, with ‘Yugo77’ in second place.

In Week 17, ‘ODBMG2’ has made the following SuperContest picks:

Washington Football Team (-2.5)
Dallas Cowboys (-1.5)
Pittsburgh Steelers (+9)
Carolina Panthers (+6.5)
Baltimore Ravens (-12.5)

In Week 17, ‘Yugo77’ picked the following SuperContest sides:

Green Bay Packers (-5.5)
Carolina Panthers (+6.5)
New York Jets (+3)
Detroit Lions (+6.5)
Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)

The SuperContest standings entering Week 17 are less bunched up at the top than the Circa Sports Million standings are. In the Circa Sports Million, ‘ODBMG-2’ leads with 53.5 points and then there are four contestants tied for 18th with 50 points. In the SuperContest, ‘ODBMG2’ leads with 53.5 points and ‘Yugo77’ is in second with 53 points, but then there’s a 3-point gap before you get to the five contestants tied for third with 50 points.

SuperContest Gold Leader Picks

The SuperContest Gold is a high-stakes, winner-take-all competition that has a $360,000 top prize this season. ‘BrettFavre 444’ leads the way into Week 17 with the most comfortable lead of any of the leaders, 2 points. ‘BrettFavre 444’ has a record of 50-26-4 for 52 points and ‘Invisible 1’ is in second place with a record of 48-28-4 for 50 points.

In Week 17, ‘BrettFavre 444’ made the following picks:

Washington Football Team (-2.5)
Detroit Lions (+6.5)
Baltimore Ravens (-12.5)
Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)
Las Vegas Raiders (-2.5)

In Week 17, ‘Invisible 1’ has the following SuperContest Gold card:

New York Giants (+1.5)
Miami Dolphins (+2.5)
Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)
Denver Broncos (+2.5)
Los Angeles Rams (+2.5)

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