PERSONAL GOURMET Wins 2018 Las Vegas SuperContest for $1.422 Million

Las Vegas SuperContest

Congratulations to ‘PERSONAL GOURMET,’ winner of the 2018 Las Vegas SuperContest and $1.422 million!

PERSONAL GOURMET, a 44-year-old from Southern California, scored a perfect 5-0 in Week 17 to rocket into the lead after entering the week in a tie for third place. It was PERSONAL GOURMET’s first year in the SuperContest and he did have to hold off ‘@PIGSKIN_JUNKIES’ to earn the title and life-changing payday on Sunday night.

Entering Week 17, @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES was a half point back and holding a Tennessee Titans (+3) ticket. The Titans lost to the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 33-17, failing to cover and officially crowning PERSONAL GOURMET as the 2018 Las Vegas SuperContest champion.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the first time PERSONAL GOURMET and @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES were battling for a chunk of change in the SuperContest. All the way back in Week 8, the two split the SuperContest’s $15,000 Halftime Bonus after they each posted 32-8 records through the first eight weeks of the season. Doing so earned them each $7,500, but it wasn’t without a little excitement that involved @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES doing what couldn’t be done in Week 17. To split the Halftime Bonus, @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES, sitting one point behind PERSONAL GOURMET at the time, needed the New England Patriots (-13.5) to come in. New England covered late and the two finished in a tie to chop the bonus money.

PERSONAL GOURMET finished the 2018 SuperContest with a final record of 59-25-1 for 59.5 points and a winning percentage of 70.2%.

2018 SuperContest Top 10 Standings and Payouts

1. PERSONAL GOURMET59-25-1$1,422,214
T2. @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES59-26$409,424
T2. RUSH YYZ 211259-26$409,424
4. AL THE SLY 258-26-1$215,487
5. 7_OUT56-27-2$193,938
T6. FINALLY 201956-28-1$147,608
T6. SQUAREPANTS55-27-3$147,608
T6. TEAM CLEVELAND 155-27-3$147,608
T6. WEURDONTHESTREET55-27-3$147,608
T10. 81154-27-4$75,420
T10. KAPITAL GAINS54-27-4$75,420

*SuperContest standings are unofficial until confirmed by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

Entering Week 17, @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES were in pole position. A 2-3 result in Week 17 followed, dropping them into a finishing position that was a tie for second place worth $409,424. In similar fashion to @PIGSKIN_JUNKIES, fourth-place finisher ‘AL THE SLY 2’ also had the Titans.

Contestants within the top 10 to benefit from the Colts’ Sunday night cover were ‘7_OUT,’ ‘SQUAREPANTS,’ and ‘WEURDONTHESTREET.’ Indianapolis’ cover allowed 7_OUT to finish in sole possession of fifth place for $193,938. SQUAREPANTS and WEURDONTHESTREET were able to jump up and into a tie for sixth to take home $147,608 each.

PERSONAL GOURMET’s Road To SuperContest Victory

PERSONAL GOURMET started the 2018 SuperContest season with four straight 4-1 weeks. After back-to-back 5-0 weeks in Week 7 and Week 8, PERSONAL GOURMET was in first place. He stayed at the top for three weeks, but then slipped back a few spots in the weeks ahead. Coming into the final week, PERSONAL GOURMET was in a three-way tie for third place, alongside fellow contestants ‘AL THE SLY 2’ and ‘TEAM CLEVELAND 1,’ but it was PERSONAL GOURMET’s 5-0 result at the end that propelled him to victory.

PERSONAL GOURMET’s final card of the season, the winning card, had the Dallas Cowboys (+6.5), Kansas City Chiefs (-13.5), Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5), Cleveland Browns (+6), and Chicago Bears (+4.5).

One team you won’t see on PERSONAL GOURMET’s Week 17 card is the Los Angeles Chargers, but that doesn’t mean PERSONAL GOURMET didn’t crush when taking the Chargers. On the 2018 season, PERSONAL GOURMET was a perfect 6-0 when picking the Chargers. Other teams PERSONAL GOURMET performed very well with were the Detroit Lions (5-1), Chicago Bears (4-0), and Kansas City Chiefs (4-0). PERSONAL GOURMET was also 3-0 with each of the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, and New Orleans Saints.

When taking home underdogs this season, PERSONAL GOURMET was a perfect 7-0. With road underdogs, PERSONAL GOURMET was 29-14-1 for 67.4%. He was 15-5 for 75% with road favorites and 6-5 for 54.5% with home favorites.

We also find that PERSONAL GOURMET attacked certain teams at a highly successful rate. PERSONAL GOURMET was 6-1 when picking against the Oakland Raiders, 4-0 against both the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams, and 3-0 when selecting against the Arizona Cardinals.

Brent Musburger Finishes Tied for 56th

Legendary sportscaster, Brent Musburger, who entered the 2018 Las Vegas SuperContest as ‘VSiN 1,’ finished in a tie for 56th place after a final 3-2 performance in Week 17. Musburger ended the 2018 SuperContest with an impressive record of 53-31-1 for 63.1%.

For the final week, Musburger had the Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5), Buffalo Bills (-3.5), and Indianapolis Colts (-3) as winners. His two losing sides were the Baltimore Ravens (-6) and Minnesota Vikings (-4.5).

On the season, Musburger did the best when taking the Seattle Seahawks, going 5-0 when doing so. He also went a very impressive 6-1 with the Chicago Bears and 5-1 with the Minnesota Vikings. Musburger’s only loss with the Vikings came in the final week of the season.

Like the winner, PERSONAL GOURMET, Musburger performed well with home underdogs. Whereas PERSONAL GOURMET went a perfect 7-0 with home dogs, Musburger was 8-2 for 80% on the season.

Another Impressive Result for 2015 Winner

In 2015, James Salinas, who played the SuperContest that year as ’rounding again,’ won it all for $914,175. That year the SuperContest had 1,727 entries. Salinas nearly pulled off the remarkable feat of winning the contest the next year when it had 1,854 entries. Playing as ‘ANTON CHIGURH,’ Salinas finished in a tie for third and scored another $116,199 in prize money. This year, Salinas was in the SuperContest as ‘IT’SSAULGOODMAN’ and finished in a tie for 26th place.

Will the SuperContest’s Record-Setting Pace Continue?

With 3,123 entries and a prize pool of more than $4 million, the 2018 Las Vegas SuperContest was truly one for the record books. Both the field size and prize pool set records, as did the $1.422 million first-place prize. The top 100 places, pending ties, paid in what was the eighth record-setting year for the SuperContest in terms of field size.

Back in 2011, the Las Vegas SuperContest set a brand new record with 517 entries. Every year since, the field has grown larger than the past, as you can see via the graphic below.

SuperContest Entries By Year 2018

The quantifiable numbers of the Las Vegas SuperContest aren’t the only things that have reached new heights, as the contest’s popularity has never been greater. The SuperContest receives coverage from mainstream outlets such as ESPN and its notoriety continues to grow with the growth of the sports betting industry. The 2018 field of 3,123 entries is a high bar to pass, but we’re certainly not going to bet against Jay Kornegay and his team at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest setting another record in 2019.

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