NHL Stanley Cup Futures Odds: Blues Open at 14-1, Lightning Still Favorites

NHL Stanley Cup
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The St. Louis Blues hoisted the Stanley Cup on Wednesday night after they topped the Boston Bruins in Game 7 in Boston. In January the Blues were at the bottom of the league, but they rallied back, made the playoffs, and won the title. With the NHL season in the books, all focus has turned to the next one. Looking at the NHL futures from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, St. Louis was posted at +1400 (14-1) following their Stanley Cup win and the Tampa Bay Lightning remained next season’s favorites at +600 (6-1).

The Lightning remain favorites despite getting swept out of the first round by the Columbus Blue Jackets in stunning fashion. Tampa Bay complete a record-setting season and should be bringing back much of its talented roster.

The top favorites at the Lightning, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Bruins. The Golden Knights have a bit hometown tax built into their odds, as they were listed at +700 (7-1) at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook as of Thursday. The Avalanche, Maple Leafs, and Bruins were each listed at +1000 (10-1).

Below are the odds as of Thursday, June 13, 2019, from the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, DraftKings Sportsbook, and FanDuel Sportsbook.

Tampa Bay Lightning+600+700+700
Vegas Golden Knights+700+1000+1000
Boston Bruins+1000+1100+1000
Colorado Avalanche+1000+1700+1100
Toronto Maple Leafs+1000+1300+900
St. Louis Blues+1400+1500+1300
San Jose Sharks+1600+1700+1600
Winnipeg Jets+1600+1500+1700
Calgary Flames+2000+1700+1400
Pittsburgh Penguins+2000+1700+2100
Washington Capitals+2000+1600+1700
Florida Panthers+2500+2000+2400
Nashville Predators+2500+1500+1700
Philadelphia Flyers+2500+1700+2800
Arizona Coyotes+3000+4000+3300
Carolina Hurricanes+3000+2000+2600
Columbus Blue Jackets+3000+2500+3300
Dallas Stars+3000+2300+1900
New York Islanders+3000+3200+2600
Chicago Blackhawks+4000+3500+3300
Minnesota Wild+4000+3500+4000
Vancouver Canucks+4000+5000+3500
Edmonton Oilers+5000+3500+3500
Montreal Canadiens+5000+3200+3500
Buffalo Sabres+6000+3700+6000
Anaheim Ducks+8000+5000+7000
Detroit Red Wings+8000+7500+7500
Los Angeles Kings+8000+5000+7500
New Jersey Devils+8000+5500+5000
New York Rangers+8000+6500+6000
Ottawa Senators+30000+12500+25000

Two seasons ago, sportsbooks, especially those in Las Vegas, were sweating the Golden Knights’ run to the Stanley Cup Final in the team’s first season ever. Some bettors had the expansion team at +50000 (500-1) odds to win the Stanley Cup. Others had them at +25000 (250-1), +20000 (200-1), +15000 (150-1), and +10000 (100-1). Had they won, sportsbooks would’ve taken some big hits in Sin City.

This season, it was the Blues who delivered a strong punch to the gut of sportsbooks. Notably, one bettor and fan of St. Louis, Scott Berry, booked the Blues at +25000 (250-1) in January when the team had the worst record in hockey. Berry bet $400. He didn’t hedge. He didn’t sell the ticket. He hung on and won to collect a $100,000 payday. While Berry’s bet may have been the one grabbing all of the headlines, he wasn’t the only person to take a shot on the Blues. Smaller wagers and wagers with shorter odds were placed, but there’s not way around it – sportsbooks did not want the Blues to hoist the Stanley Cup.

Now that it’s been two seasons in a row where small wagers turned into incredible chances to pay big, bettors are undoubtedly going to try and find the next diamond in the rough. Knowing this, we should expect sportsbooks to adjust accordingly and not offer odds as long as the past two seasons. Some prices will be good, but some venues simply won’t want to have as large of a risk so they’ll lower the odds. Because of this, make sure you shop around to get the best price you can find.

Lightning Favored To Win Eastern Conference

As you likely figured out by now, it’s the Lightning who are favored to win the Eastern Conference. As of Thursday, Tampa Bay was +300 (3-1) for this future. Tied at +500 (5-1) apiece were the Bruins and Maple Leafs.

Tampa Bay Lightning+300
Boston Bruins+500
Toronto Maple Leafs+500
Pittsbugh Penguins+1000
Washington Capitals+1000
Florida Panthers+1200
Philadelphia Flyers+1200
Carolina Hurricanes+1500
Columbus Blue Jackets+1500
New York Islanders+1500
Montreal Canadiens+2500
Buffalo Sabres+3000
Detroit Red Wings+4000
New Jersey Devils+4000
New York Rangers+4000
Ottawa Senators+15000

Golden Knights Favored To Win Western Conference

In the Western Conference, it was the Golden Knights as the favorite at +350 (7-2), but again, that’s at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and there’s a hometown tax built in. The Avalanche were next at +500 (5-1).

Vegas Golden Knights+350
Colorado Avalanche+500
St. Louis Blues+700
San Jose Sharks+800
Winnipeg Jets+800
Calgary Flames+1000
Nashville Predators+1200
Arizona Coyotes+1500
Dallas Stars+1500
Chicago Blackhawks+2000
Minnesota Wild+2000
Vancouver Canucks+2000
Edmonton Oilers+2500
Anaheim Ducks+4000
Los Angeles Kings+4000

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