NBA Player Props: Picks for Russell Westbrook and James Harden | September 2, 2020

Russell Westbrook and James Harden of the Houston Rockets
Russell Westbrook and James Harden of the Houston Rockets (photo credit: USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to another edition of SharpSide’s NBA player prop picks article. The two games for Wednesday, September 2, include the Milwaukee Bucks against the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Houston Rockets. For this article, we’ll be tackling some NBA player props from the second game, Thunder vs. Rockets.

We put up a big, fat zero on Tuesday, going 0-3 and dropping a full 3 units. That’s two losing days of picks in a row, and the overall record now sits at 19-13 for +3.59 units in the NBA Playoffs.

The lack of scoring in the Utah Jazz and Denver Nuggets game crushed us on Tuesday, but looking back we can see that we were a bit overconfident with our plays. One of the important things in sports betting is to learn throughout the process in order to improve, so we’ll do better in that regard, putting Tuesday behind us and working harder at Wednesday’s picks to get back on track.

The NBA player prop lines mentioned in this article are taken from the free-to-use SharpSide sports betting app.

Russell Westbrook – Over 5.5 rebounds (-135)

Russell Westbrook looked like a mess in Game 6 and he’ll be wanting to right the ship. Westbrook is the ultimate competitor and when he has a bad outing you can bet that he’ll be doing everything in his power to turn it around the next time out. That’s what we’re doing here, we’re betting on Westbrook to turn his play around.

With Westbrook, his shot can be erratic, so there’s no given that the points will be there. The Westbrook player prop we’re looking at is the over on 5.5 rebounds. When it comes to motors, no one has a motor quite like Westbrook and rebounds can be all about effort. We know he had a bad game a couple days ago, but this line feels a full rebound or two short.

We expect Westbrook to be an animal on the court, which means he’ll be an animal going for rebounds. In a Game 7, with everything on the line, Westbrook should see plenty of minutes and have plenty of opportunities to hit this over.

James Harden – Under 34.5 points (-115)

It’s never fun to go against such a good volume shooter like James Harden, but we’re going to take the under on Harden’s player prop for points, which has an over/under of 34.5. The biggest reason we’re taking the under is the defense that Oklahoma City has played on Harden this series. Harden does have the potential to go off in a big way in Game 7 and hit the over, but we feel the chances of the Thunder locking down on him as best they can to hold him to 34 points or fewer is the more likely outcome.

A triple-double with 25-30 points would be a great game for Harden even without hitting the over on points. If Harden is moving the ball to the other scorers on his team, and Houston has plenty of them, then the game’s outcome will favor the Rockets more. Look for Harden to facilitate more as Oklahoma City works to manage the pace of the game so Houston doesn’t get into a volume-scoring rhythm.

Steven Adams – Over 10.5 rebounds (-130)

Another player we like an over for is Steven Adams. For this Adams player prop, we like over 10.5 rebounds. What we’re looking for here is 28 or more minutes from Adams as the Thunder try and slow the game down so they’re not playing at the very fast pace that Houston wants to play at. Slowing the game down should mean more time on the court for Adams, which leads to more opportunity to grabs rebounds.

With as much as Houston likes to shoot the ball, there should be plenty of chances for Adams to grab boards. He’ll be the best rebounder on the court when he’s out there and can very much see him hauling in 12 or more rebounds.

All player prop lines mentioned in this article are taken from the SharpSide sports betting app. Download the app today to make player prop picks for your chance to win real prizes for free.

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