‘IT AINT BREEZY’ Wins 2019 SuperContest for $1,469,644

The 2019 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest has its champion, as ‘IT AINT BREEZY’ locked up the victory with the New Orleans Saints (-13) covering on the early slate of Week 17 games. IT AINT BREEZY has become the latest SuperContest winner, finishing in first place from the record-breaking field of 3,328 entries and winning the $1.469 million first-place prize.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how the SuperContest champion won, review the biggest SuperContest payouts from 2019, and more.

IT AINT BREEZY’s victory is the largest first-place prize to date for a SuperContest champion. It’s also the third time a SuperContest winner has taken home more than $1 million. The first time a seven-figure SuperContest champion was crowned was in 2017 when Briceton Jamar Branch, competing as ‘Grannys Boy,’ won $1.327 million. The second time for a seven-figure SuperContest winner was in 2018, when Eric Kahane, playing as ‘PERSONAL GOURMET,’ earned $1.422 million.

The Saints cover was the key component of IT AINT BREEZY’s victory. Their lead of 1.5 points entering Week 17 in combination with their other plays being very much in common with the contestants chasing them on the leaderboard allowed IT AINT BREEZY to lock up the victory with the New Orleans cover. In addition to the Saints, IT AINT BREEZY had the Tennessee Titans (-3.5), Indianapolis Colts (-3.5), New York Giants (+4.5), and Los Angeles Rams (-3) and ended up going 3-2 in the final week.

Per VSiN’s Dave Tuley, IT AINT BREEZY is the team name for the Nebraska duo of Eric Jensen and Matt Kucera.

Entering the week, ‘CRISPR.,’ who was in second place, couldn’t catch IT AINT BREEZY. Third-place contestant ‘TUCO’ had a shot that fell short with failed covers by the Carolina Panthers (+13) and New England Patriots (-15.5).

As it would result, CRISPR. finished in second overall for a payday of $505,190, and ‘PRO’S AND CON’S’ jumped up to claim third place and $275,558 thanks to a 4-1 result in Week 17.

2019 SuperContest Payouts and Top 10 Standings

1.IT AINT BREEZY58-25-2$1,469,644
3.PRO’S AND CON’S55-28-2$275,558
T5.CHICAGO JEFF53-29-2$163,612
T5.DUB C52-27-6$163,612
T5.SMOKY HILL ELITE53-28-4$163,612
T9.ROWDY RASCAL53-29-3$75,478
T9.SAG POOLS53-29-3$75,478

For ties that occur outside of first place, the contestants that are tied split the aggregate prize money for those places evenly, per the SuperContest rules. That’s why you see all four contestants tied for fifth place taking the same amount, $163,612, and then all seven contestants tied in ninth place taking $75,478. Had there been no ties, fifth place would have paid $195,187 and ninth place would have paid $114,816.

Look at the weekly results for IT AINT BREEZY, we can see that the team had three weeks at 5-0, one week at 4-0-1, and two weeks at 4-1. The team did no worse than 2-3 in a given week and they only went 2-3 twice. That tells us that IT AINT BREEZY’s run to the title was a very steady one with a couple of big bursts thrown into the mix.

Week 16 was the first week that IT AINT BREEZY was in first place, but they had been hanging around inside the top 10 since Week 10. IT AINT BREEZY scored two perfect 5-0 performances in the first five weeks (Week 3 and Week 5) before they stayed very steady in the middle of the season. The final few weeks were when IT AINT BREEZY really made a push, going 3-1-1 in Week 14, 5-0 in Week 15, and 4-0-1 in Week 16. Those three weeks had IT AINT BREEZY sitting in first place with a decent cushion heading into the final week of the season.

Like IT AINT BREEZY, CRISPR. also went 3-2 in the final week. Due to common plays, CRISPR. had no shot at catching IT AINT BREEZY, though. Still, CRISPR. took home more than $500,000 in prize money.

‘TUCO,’ who had been in first place nearly every week this season and came into Week 17 in third place, could catch IT AINT BREEZY because he had a very different group of Week 17 picks. TUCO ended up going 2-3 in the final week, which resulted in him finishing in fourth place and taking home $218,150.

Jumping up into third place was PRO’S AND CON’S, thanks to a 4-1 performance in Week 17. He came into the finale in a tie for fourth place but was able to break from that group to win $275,558 with a third-place score.

Three Split $15,000 Mini Contest

In the SuperContest Mini Contest, which is a contest that awards a $15,000 prize to the contestant with the best record over the final three weeks of the season, thee teams chopped up the prize money. The three that will be taking home $5,000 each are ‘PRIMETIME REVET,’ ‘RUN IT UP 1,’ and ‘FOR BROOKE.’ Each of them posted a 13-1-1 record over the final three weeks.

The 2019 SuperContest was the biggest yet, drawing 3,328 entries and creating a prize pool of nearly $4.6 million. It was a record field size and prize pool for the ninth consecutive year of the SuperContest and we’re already looking forward to seeing what the 2020 SuperContest brings.

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