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The Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast returned for a new episode to discuss WR/TE player props for the 2020 NFL season. On the show, Donnie Peters, Mo Nuwwarah, and Rich Ryan run through their WR/TE player prop picks for some of the best pass-catchers in the league, including Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, and Davante Adams.

After the group discussed QB player props and RB player props for the 2020 NFL season, Donnie, Mo, and Rich round out the offensive positional groups by giving out their best player prop picks. Whether it’s over/under receiving yard props, over/under receiving touchdowns, or picks to lead the league in receiving yards, the guys have you covered.

The trio doesn’t just cover the biggest names in the game. They also look at emerging talents such as Michael Gallup, Courtland Sutton, and DJ Moore for player props.

Here are the timestamps for Gridiron Gamble’s WR/TE player props episode.


[0:55] The team opens up the show by discussing sports other than football, mainly hockey, or “puckball” as they refer to it.

[3:15] It’s time to get into the topic of this episode of the Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast, and that’s WR/TE player props. Rich tees up Mo to start things off, and “The Moose” is looking at a Davante Adams player prop.

[7:42] For Donnie’s first pick, he’s looking at a couple of Michael Gallup player props. He has a pick on Gallup’s receiving yards total and also a longshot bet on Gallup to top the league in receiving yards. Rich piggybacks off of Donnie’s love for Gallup by giving a pick for another Dallas Cowboys receiver, as he pivots to a CeeDee Lamb player prop.

[11:14] Mo staunchly defends Randall Cobb.

[12:37] Keeping it positive, Mo looks at a Julio Jones player prop that he feels gets negative vibes due to narrative.

[16:04] It’s time for Rich to get negative and he’s looking at a pair of wide receivers from a team that’s getting a ton of hype entering the 2020 NFL season. Rich is looking at player props for Mike Evans and Chris Godwin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

[20:23] Returning the piggybacking, Donnie adds a Godwin player prop and an Evans player prop to the discussion. While Donnie and Rich are pretty firm in their stances on Evans and Godwin player props, Mo is more interested in what he’s going to see from the Buccaneers this season.

[25:00] Another player prop that Mo really likes shifts the conversation to a tight end. Mo looks at Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz for this pick.

[27:17] It wouldn’t be a Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast if there wasn’t talk of the Cleveland Browns. Donnie takes the wheel for a couple of Odell Beckham player props he’s on.

[29:35] Rich jumps in to give a pick for an Adam Thielen player prop, linking the conversation to new Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski.

[35:05] Mo’s back up for another WR/TE player prop pick. After defending Brandin Cooks earlier, Mo jumps on a Cooks player prop for this pick.

[37:37] Rich does some reaching for the stars with his next pick, looking at another Houston Texans WR player prop. He’s picking from FanDuel Sportsbook and looking at Will Fuller for this one.

[41:24] The Carolina Panthers have a new quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater and Donnie feels that should help D.J. Moore continue to progress and have a big season.

[43:02] Rich once again piggybacks off of Donnie, this time looking at another Panthers WR, Robby Anderson, for his next player prop pick.

[45:49] Mo dives into his backup plays to give out a Courtland Sutton player prop as his last pick of this episode.

[50:21] Donnie also throws out his backup play. He’s looking at a TE player prop for George Kittle.

[53:21] Rich’s final pick is for a D.K. Metcalf player prop. He’s taking the over on Metcalf’s receiving yards and not quite sure why there is regression baked into the over/under on Metcalf’s receiving yards.

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