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Week 3 of the NFL season is here, which means there is another healthy slate of games to bet on. On a new episode of the Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast, the hosts discuss exactly that, betting on the NFL. Donnie Peters, Brett Collson, Mo Nuwwarah, and Rich Ryan give their perspectives on this week’s games, make NFL picks, and decide which plays they’re going to submit for the Circa Sports Million.

The group feels pretty strongly on a few plays and there is a bit of consensus across the three cards that will be submitted in Week 3 of the Circa Sports Million contest.

Here are the timestamps for this episode of the Gridiron Gamble podcast.


[3:20] The hosts open up the show by getting Brett’s thoughts on what happened in Week 2. Despite his bad Week 2 performance, Brett is still bullish on his picks and wants to win the roulette spin at the end of the episode.

[5:18] The hosts usually record the show during Thursday Night Football each week, and oftentimes there will be bets on the game that’s running. This week, in the Thursday game between the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars, Mo has some interesting prop bets in action.

[6:11] Getting into this week’s episode, first up are the split games between the hosts. In Week 3, there are three split games. First up on the discussion board is the Green Bay Packers against the New Orleans Saints.

[14:03] The biggest disagreement among the split games is the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. Donnie and Brett are on the 49ers, whereas Mo and Rich are on the Giants.

[18:37] The final game of the week that the hosts are split on closes out the split game segment, and it’s the Carolina Panthers against the Los Angeles Chargers.

[24:28] Onto the lone wolves segment, Rich has the highest-rated lone wolf on his card. He’s the only host on the Baltimore Ravens (-3.5). Mo, the Kansas City Chiefs fan that he is, is the host with the strongest opposition to Rich. So much so that he likes the Chiefs on the moneyline.

[29:46] Rich’s second lone wolf is one that prompts him to call the other hosts “the squarest” and claim that Donnie and Mo are simply padding their stats. He’s on the Dallas Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks.

[34:13] For Brett’s only lone wolf selection of the week, he’s the only host on the Minnesota Vikings.

[39:32] Donnie has a pair of lone wolves. The first is the Los Angeles Rams, going up against the Buffalo Bills, and the second is the Atlanta Falcons, who are taking on the Chicago Bears.

[46:14] Mo has a single lone wolf and he’s taking the Washington Football Team (+7) against the Cleveland Browns.

[50:43] It’s time for the team to give out its picks for the Circa Sports Million. Mo gives the first pick, Donnie gives the second, Rich gives the third, and Brett gives the fourth before the collective pick rounds out the first card.

[1:08:10] For the second card the team will be submitting in the Circa Sports Million, there are three duplicate selections and then two newcomers to the mix.

[1:18:25] It’s time to spin the roulette wheel to see which host will have all five of his top picks submitted for the squad. Can Brett win for a third week in a row? Let’s see.

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