Gridiron Gamble Podcast: Week 2 NFL Recap

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Week 2 of the NFL was a wild one. Numerous players suffered significant injuries, including Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Courtland Sutton, Nick Bosa, Malik Hooker, Anthony Barr, and Parris Campbell, and betting favorites had a great day on the moneyline. The hosts of the Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast did not have a great day with their picks for the Circa Sports Million contest. There’s no sugar coating that needs to be had, it was simply a bad week for the group. Donnie Peters, Mo Nuwwarah, and Rich Ryan recap their picks and go over what happened in Week 2 of betting on the NFL.

The title of this episode is “What the Hell Happened?” because, well, what the hell happened? Donnie, Mo, and Rich try and put their finger on what might be the team’s worst week ever. It all started with the Cleveland Browns somehow not holding on to cover on Thursday Night Football and then went downhill from there.

Here are the timestamps for this episode of the Gridiron Gamble podcast.


[2:12] After some pleasantries, Rich takes the temperature of his fellow hosts, Donnie and Mo, but not without Mo getting a few shots in.

[3:28] The crew starts off by discussing the Monday Night Football game between the Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints. It was a game that appeared on one of the Circa Sports Million cards for Gridiron Gamble and one that they won.

[10:54] Diving into their other winning pick on the week, it’s time to discuss the Indianapolis Colts against the Minnesota Vikings. It ended up being a fairly easy cover in a game that Kirk Cousins played very bad in.

[18:26] Three of the four hosts were on the Dallas Cowboys over the Atlanta Falcons, but not Mo. This game resulted in an incredible finish, but the Cowboys didn’t cover despite the crazy come-from-behind victory.

[26:50] A brutal loss for the Gridiron Gamble hosts took place in this next game they discuss. The team had the Carolina Panthers but they let Leonard Fournette break off a long touchdown run when killing the clock.

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