For First Time, SuperContest Contestants Can Use Mobile App for Weekly Picks

Westgate SuperBook App
For the first time, SuperContest contestants in Nevada will be able to submit weekly picks via the SuperBook mobile app

This year, contestants in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest will be able to use the venue’s mobile app to submit weekly picks for the world’s most prominent football handicapping competition. The new process will increase the level of convenience for in-state contestants, although those out of state will still need to source proxy services to get their weekly picks in.

Originally hoped to be in place for the 2018 SuperContest, plans for picks submission via the SuperBook’s mobile app were ultimately pushed back.

Contestants will still be required to sign-up in person, just as they always have. From there, as long as they’re in Nevada, the mobile app can be used to submit picks.

The plan will also be in place for the high-stakes SuperContest Gold that comes with a $5,000 buy-in and has a winner-take-all prize format.

The 2018 SuperContest attracted 3,123 entries, with a first-place prize of more than $1.4 million going to the winner, ‘PERSONAL GOURMET.’ In 2019, sign-ups were opened four months earlier than ever before and all signs point to an even larger turnout. The ability to submit picks via the mobile app should help increase numbers.

As always, stay tuned to for continued coverage of the Las Vegas SuperContest and SuperContest Gold.

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