‘DSR90-1’ Wins Circa Sports Million II for $1,000,000

Circa Sports Million

In an exciting finish, contestant ‘DSR90-1’ won the Circa Sports Million II sports betting contest and its $1,000,000 top prize. ‘DSR90-1’ finished the season with a record of 56-27-2 and 57 points. The performance allowed ‘DSR90-1’ to best a field of 3,148 entries.

Entering the final week of the season, ‘DSR90-1’ was in second place on the Circa Sports Million leaderboard, behind ‘ODBMG-2’ by just a half of a point. Through the first 16 weeks, ‘DSR90-1’ had never been in first place. It’s all about where you finish, though, and ‘DSR90-1’ finished in first place and is the Circa Sports Million II champion.

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Circa Sports Million II Payouts

T8.No Points for Second-154-30-154.5$16,000

Click here to view the official standings, payouts, and more from the Circa Sports Million.

The table above shows the final standings for the contestants in the top 10, but the Circa Sports Million II awarded leaderboard prizes to the top 50 contestants plus the last-place finisher. For more on the final standings, check out CircaSports.com.

Wild Road To Victory

In the final week, ‘DSR90-1’ picked the Pittsburgh Steelers (+9), Houston Texans (+7.5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5), Baltimore Ravens (-12.5), and Miami Dolphins (+2.5). Only the Dolphins failed to cover the point spread, giving ‘DSR90-1’ a 4-1 result in Week 17. That 4-1 result was enough to push ‘DSR90-1’ into first place overall, but it was quite a sweat.

Through the early games, ‘DSR90-1’ was 3-1 and had the Texans (+7.5) pending in the afternoon. ‘ODBMG-2’ had the Ravens (-12.5) from the early slate, which was a winner, and then the Green Bay Packers (-5), Carolina Panthers (+7), and Seattle Seahawks (-6) in the afternoon. ‘ODBMG-2’ also had the Washington Football Team (-2) on Sunday night. With the way things had set up, ‘ODBMG-2’ needed the Panthers or Seahawks to cover in order to have a shot at the $1,000,000 top prize. It didn’t look good, though.

The Panthers were getting blown out by the New Orleans Saints. Even though Carolina was getting 7 points, a Saints cover was never really in jeopardy. A Seahawks cover didn’t look good, either. The game was a slugfest for the majority and the San Francisco 49ers were up 16-12 in the fourth quarter. Seattle drove down the field and scored a go-ahead touchdown with 2:26 left thanks to Russell Wilson finding Tyler Lockett in the end zone. With the extra point, the Seahawks went up 19-16, but they still weren’t covering the 6-point spread and the 49ers were going to get the ball back.

After the kickoff, C.J. Beathard fumbled on the second play of the drive and Seattle recovered on San Francisco’s 17-yard line. Still, ‘ODBMG-2’ needed the Seahawks to punch in a touchdown. Because the 49ers had three timeouts left and there was still the two-minute warning to stop the clock, the Seahawks couldn’t just burn out the time. Instead, they ran a few plays and Alex Collins found the end zone. The extra point made it a 10-point game, 26-16, with ‘ODBMG-2’ back in the mix.

Beathard quickly got the 49ers back into the red zone on the subsequent drive and he eventually found Jeff Wilson in the end zone for a touchdown. Although the score didn’t give the 49ers the lead, it took the cover away from the Seahawks and allowed ‘DSR90-1’ to breathe a little easier. ‘DSR90-1’ could then sit back and relax after the Texans covered against the Tennessee Titans as 7.5-point underdogs.

It was a wild finish to a wild Circa Sports Million II season, and ‘DSR90-1’ walks away with a wild $1,000,000 first-place prize.

‘DV8’ Places Second and Fifth

Contestants were allowed to have up to a maximum of three entries in the Circa Sports Million II. Contestant ‘DV8’ had two entries, ‘DV8-1’ and ‘DV8-2.’ Both entries finishing in the top five of the Circa Sports Million II standings when it was all said and done.

With a final record of 56-28-1 for 56.5 points, ‘DV8-1’ placed in a tie for second place with ‘ODBMG-2.’ The original second-place prize was $300,000 and the original third-place prize was $100,000. The two contestants chopped up the total of that prize money ($400,000) and took home $200,000 each.

Finishing in a tie for fifth place was the ‘DV8-2’ entry, allowing ‘DV8’ to pick up another $33,333 in prize money.

In the final week, ‘DV8’ went 4-1 with his ‘DV8-1’ entry and 5-0 with his ‘DV8-2’ entry.

What’s more is that ‘DV8-2’ went 19-5-1 over the final five weeks to finish in a nine-way tie for the last Quarter Prize of the season. That finish allowed him to pick up an additional $11,111 in prize money, bringing his total Circa Sports Million II winnings to $244,444.

‘Maiowe-1’ Wins Final Quarter Prize for $187,000

In the fourth and final Quarter Prize of the Circa Sports Million II season, contestant ‘Maiowe-1’ picked up the winning share of $187,000. ‘Maiowe-1’ went 20-4-1 over the final five weeks of the NFL regular season to scoop this prize.

Behind ‘Maiowe-1,’ nine contestants finished tied for second place with records of 19-5-1. Those nine contestants chopped up the second- and third-place prize money ($75,000 for second and $25,000 for third) to take home $11,111 each.

Previous winners of the Circa Sports Million II Quarter Prizes include ‘SunnySanDiego-1,’ who won the first one for $187,000, ‘Dogs R Barkin-3,’ ‘HedgeHog Inc-1,’ ‘Minura11-1,’ and ‘Tres Loopers-3,’ who chopped the second one four ways for $71,750 each, and ‘Cornfins-2,’ who scooped the third one for $187,000.

‘Jax 2 Win-1’ Scoops $100,000 Booby Prize

The Circa Sports Million II also awarded a $100,000 prize to the last-place finisher. The catch was that in order to be eligible to win this “Booby Prize,” as it’s called, contestants had to make five selections every single week of the contest.

Contestant ‘Jax 2 Win-1’ finished with a record of 28-57, edging out ‘Frogtown-2’ by a half of a point to win the six-figure prize. In the final week, ‘Jax 2 Win-1’ selected the Philadelphia Eagles (+2), Dallas Cowboys (-1.5), Tennessee Titans (-7.5), Kansas City Chiefs (+3.5), and Las Vegas Raiders (-2.5). He went 0-5 with those picks to secure the $100,000 Booby Prize.

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