Circa Sports Million III Details Announced: $4 Million in Guaranteed Prizes

Circa Sports Million III
The Circa Sports Million III features $4 million in guaranteed prizes

The popular Circa Sports Million football handicapping contest has announced its details for its third edition, and stealing the headlines is $4 million in guaranteed prizes, with the winner set to take home $1 million.

Registration opens Friday, May 28, at 8 a.m. PT and closes at 2 p.m. PT on the Saturday prior to the first Sunday of regular-season NFL games. Entrants must be 21 years or old to participate.

Last season, contestant ‘DSR90-1’ won the Circa Sports Million II sports betting contest and its $1,000,000 top prize.

The third edition of the sports betting contest is officially dubbed “Circa Sports Million III” and costs $1,000 to enter. There is no rake, with all of the entry money going into the prize pool, and contestants are allowed to enter up to three times each.

Each week during the NFL regular season, contestants will pick five games against the spread, earning one point for a correct pick, a half-point for a push, and no points for a loss. Leaderboard scoring will take place across the entire season and also each quarter.

The main leaderboard prize pool boasts $2.9 million in guaranteed prizes. In addition to the $1 million top prize, places 2-50 will be awarded a total of $1.9 million in prize money, with the prizes gradually decreasing the lower on the leaderboard you go. Of note, the top seven places are set to win $100,000 or more, with second place worth $325,000 and third place worth $275,000.

Circa Sports Million III Prize Breakdown

1st: $1,000,000
2nd: $325,000
3rd: $275,000
4th: $225,000
5th: $175,000
6th: $125,000
7th: $100,000
8th: $90,000
9th: $80,000
10th: $70,000
11th: $60,000
12th: $50,000
13th: $40,000
14th: $30,000
15th: $25,000

Beyond 15th place, there is $230,000 allotted for places 16-50.

In addition to the top leaderboard prizes, Circa Las Vegas will once again be awarding a six-figure prize to the contestant who finishes in last place. Deemed the “Booby Prize,” the last-place finisher on the full season leaderboard will take home $100,000. In order to be eligible to win the Booby Prize, a contestant must make five selections each week.

$250,000 In Quarter Prizes

Once again, the popular Circa Sports Million Quarter Prizes are back, too. There will be at least $250,000 in prize money awarded each quarter. The best record from the quarter will win $150,000, with second place earning $50,000 and third place winning $25,000. There is also a quarterly “Booby Prize” worth $25,000 for the contestant with the fewest points in a quarter.

Below is the schedule of quarters.

– 1st Quarter: Weeks 1-4
– 2nd Quarter: Weeks 5-9
– 3rd Quarter: Weeks 10-13
– 4th Quarter: Weeks 14-18

Should the Circa Sports Million III exceed 4,000 entries to push the prize pool north of $4 million, the additional prize money will be evenly distributed to the four first-place prizes in each quarter.

For official Circa Sports Million III rules, please refer to the contest’s rules page.

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