If you’re looking for sports betting podcasts, you’ve come to the right place.

Sports betting content is everywhere these days, and we know what it’s like to get lost down the content rabbit hole when searching for what’s out there. That’s why we’ve done most of the work for you and compiled what we think is the best list of sports betting podcasts you should be listening to.

The list below represents what we believe are the top sports betting podcasts to subscribe to and listen to regularly, covering everything from fun and entertaining listens to industry news to harder-hitting picks and analysis. These are the best sports betting podcasts we recommend.

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Sports with Facts Betting Podcast

Pardon us while we toot our own horn for a minute. The Sports with Facts Betting Podcast is hosted by the one and only JJ Apricena and is an extension of Apricena’s sports betting insight from the SharpSide YouTube channel. With every episode, the Sports with Facts Betting Podcast analyzes daily sports betting picks with an unfiltered analytical approach that will inform, entertain, and hopefully help you grow your bankroll.

One of the best things about the Sports with Facts Betting Podcast is that Apricena tells it to your straight. He doesn’t feel the need to sugarcoat anything and he doesn’t shy away from the inevitable losses that come with being a sports bettor. Apricena is as authentic as they come in sports betting, making his podcasts a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Apricena also discusses more than just specific games. He often covers general sports betting concepts to help you become a better bettor.

Listen to the Sports with Facts Betting Podcast now.

Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast

Gridiron Gamble is a football betting podcast, presented by SharpSide, with focus on NFL betting and the Las Vegas SuperContest. The SuperContest is widely considered to be the greatest sports handicapping competition in the world. In 2015, four friends entered the SuperContest together and created the Gridiron Gamble podcast as a platform to have an open discussion about their picks and track their progress.

Although the Gridiron Gamble podcast still has a fairly heavy focus on the SuperContest, the show has evolved over time to a more all-encompassing football betting podcast and, at times, the crew dabbles in talking about other sports.

The Gridiron Gamble football betting podcast is great if you want to listen to the hosts discuss their best football bets and reasoning on the air, which often leads to some very entertaining debate and colorful disagreement. If you’re looking for fun football betting content that involves the hosts backing the actual picks they discuss, the Gridiron Gamble podcast is for you.

Listen to the Gridiron Gamble Football Betting Podcast now.

Print Factory Podcast

The Print Factory Podcast is hosted by the legend Tony ‘BigT’ Niehaus, featuring guests from the sports betting and DFS communities. Whether it’s football, basketball, futures, or prop bets, Niehaus has it covered with expert insight to help you print money. Hence the name, Print Factory Podcast, get it?

On each episode, Niehaus and guests give their hottest takes on the biggest events in sports betting, DFS, and entertainment, backed up years of experience as bettors themselves.

Listen to the Print Factory Podcast now.

RotoGrinders Sports Betting Podcast

Holden Kushner leads the conversation that discusses all aspects of sports betting, including where the sharp money is going and what’s happening in the exploding world of legal and regulated sports betting. The conversations can cover a lot of topics, including industry happenings and what they mean to analysis, betting breakdowns, and picks for various games. No matter what the hosts are talking about, the conversation is always a lively one.

Listen to the RotoGrinders Sports Betting Podcast now.

Gamble On by US Bets

Gamble On is a sports betting podcast hosted by Eric Raskin and John Brennan of USBets.com. With each episode, the team runs through the latest happenings in the gambling world, with a heavy concentration on sports betting and the legalized market.

The experience of both Raskin and Brennan is evident from the first listen. These two have been around the gambling world for quite some time. Even though they’re as ingrained in the gaming world as they come, both do an excellent job at breaking down some of the industry’s hardest-hitting topics for a fun, informative, and understandable listen.

Gamble On also regularly features guests on the podcast, including industry executives, professional gamblers, lawmakers, regulators, and more.

Listen to the Gamble On podcast now.

Beating the Book with Gill Alexander

One of the foremost sports betting personalities, Gill Alexander hosts the Beating the Book podcast that is a must listen for any sports betting enthusiast out there. Alexander covers a wide variety of topics but always with a professional, honest, and extremely well-informed perspective.

Those who listen to VSiN on SiriusXM will know Alexander as the host of A Numbers Game. His approach as host of the Beating the Book podcast will help make you, the sports bettor, improve. Alexander’s insight and analysis, backed by years of experience in the space, continue to help sports bettors around the world find winning edges.

Listen to the Beating the Book podcast now.

Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian

Behind the Bets with Doug Kezirian is an ESPN production that covers all things sports betting from one of the world’s largest sports media outlets. Whether it’s the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or something else, Kezirian’s likely talked about it from a gambling perspective.

Kezirian’s knowledgable of the gambling world shines through on the Behind the Bets podcast, and the expert guests that regularly join him only make this show even better. From professional sports bettors to Vegas bookmakers, Kezirian talks with the best of the best, offering detailed insight into the industry.

Listen to the Behind the Bets podcast now.

Bet and Collect Podcast by VegasInsider.com

The Bet and Collect podcast is a VegasInsider.com production and hosted by expert sports handicapper and senior writer Kevin Rogers. Rogers has a plethora of experience in the gambling industry, and he’s been handicapping football, basketball, baseball, and hockey since 2007.

On the Bet and Collect podcast, Rogers leads the sports betting discussion and takes a look at the latest industry news. Rogers is regularly joined by industry experts who lend sound, professional handicapping advice that can help you take your sports betting experience to the next level.

Listen to the Bet and Collect podcast now.

Bet the Process

This hard-hitting, analytics-driven podcast is a great listen if you’re a more experienced sports bettor. The show’s hosts are Jeff Ma and Rufus Peadbody, and, quite honestly, they’re some of the most brilliant minds in the entire sports betting industry.

You may recognize Ma as being a member of the MIT Blackjack Team or as the author of The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big In Business. Peabody is a world-renowned professional sports bettor and co-founder of Massey-Peabody Analytics. He was also one of the notable figures involved in the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship snafu that occurred in early 2019.

The Bet the Process podcast approaches sports betting in a very analytical way, which makes it a quality listen for advanced bettors. Even if you’re still relatively green when it comes to sports betting, the Bet the Process podcast can still be very useful and entertaining. Ma and Peabody have good rapport and both are very good at breaking down high-level analytics into layman’s terms.

Listen to the Bet the Process podcast now.

Kelly and Murray

Hosted by two very popular Vegas sports betting personalities, the Kelly and Murray podcast is a Sin City-based podcast that has an interesting format as it marries a sports bettor (Stewart) with a bookmaker (Murray) on the same show. Kelly Stewart and John Murray are longtime friends, which leads to plenty of entertaining banter between them, and the casual nature of the show makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with them in the sportsbook.

But don’t let how fun this production is fool you, because the Kelly and Murray podcast is equally as informative as it is enjoyable. Kelly has plenty of background handicapping and Murray is the director of race and sports for the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. We especially like the Kelly and Murray podcast during college football season.

Listen to the Kelly and Murray podcast now.

The Simple Handicap

The Simple Handicap is a sports betting podcast hosted by Adam Chernoff, who does work with Pinnacle Sports and Matchbook. Episodes are short and sweet, but that’s the point. Get in, get the sports betting information you want, get Chernoff’s quick takes, and get out.

Just about every morning, Chernoff releases a new episode of the Simple Handicap podcast, reviewing the betting lines, market movements, and happenings that might be causing those two things. Chernoff is very tapped into the betting world, so his insight is one you’ll want to pay attention to, but he doesn’t bog us down with lengthy takes and explanations.

Everything that the Simple Handicap podcast delivers is concise and comprehensive and can be consumed in the time it takes you to walk your dog.

Listen to The Simple Handicap podcast now.

Tour Junkies

If you’re into golf, then the Tour Junkies podcast is for you, as they take a betting and DFS approach to the sport. The Tour Junkies podcast previews all of the different PGA Tour events, giving you everything you need to know if you’re wanting to wager on golf and fire a few entries in some DFS contests.

The Tour Junkies podcast is fun, informative, and features plenty of interviews that golf enthusiasts all around the world will enjoy, especially those looking to gamble on it.

Listen to the Tour Junkies podcast now.