2021 Las Vegas SuperContest Details Revealed: New Buy-In, No Rake, Nine In-Season Prize Pools

Las Vegas SuperContest
Las Vegas SuperContest

Details for the 2021 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest have been announced and football bettors will be welcoming a batch of changes to the “Ultimate Football Handicapping Challenge.”

For 2021, the SuperContest’s buy-in has been dropped to $1,000, down from the $1,500 cost of entry we’ve come to know for so many years. In recent years, Westgate Las Vegas has taken a cut of each buy-in as an entry fee, but that entry fee, otherwise known as the rake, is said to be gone for 2021.

The SuperContest’s new $1,000 buy-in and no entry or admin fee are now in line with the contest’s biggest competitor, the Circa Sports Million, which announced its details for the 2021 season a couple of weeks ago.

Another change is to the in-season prizes. Last year, the SuperContest had quarterly prizes after following in the footsteps of the Circa Sports Million and implementing these prizes. For 2021, the Las Vegas SuperContest will have three six-week contests and six three-week contests. That makes for nine in-season contests across the NFL’s 18-week regular-season schedule.

The three six-week contests will pay out the top five places from each six-week period. The winner will get $100,000, second place will get $50,000, third place will get $10,000, fourth place will get $5,000, and fifth place will get $2,500.

For the six three-week contests, the top three places will be paid, with first, second, and third earning $75,000, $25,000, and $5,000, respectively.

Those in-season prizes are guaranteed. Altogether, the in-season prizes amount to $1,132,500, with $502,500 coming from the three six-week contests and $630,000 coming from the six three-week contests.

Per a story by Jim Barnes for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jay Kornegay, vice president of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, said that more than 2,300 entries in the 2021 SuperContest would put the overall leaderboard’s first-place prize at around $500,000. If that does happen, the 2021 SuperContest winner would take home more money than last season’s winner, the team of pro poker players David Baker and Mark Gregorich, who won $435,623. That said, a $500,000 top prize would be quite the difference from the seven-figure sums taken home by the winners from 2017 to 2019. In 2017, ‘Grannys Boy’ won the SuperContest for $1,327,280. In 2018, ‘Personal Gourmet’ was victorious for $1,422,214. In 2019, it was ‘It Aint Breezy’ coming out on top for $1,469,644.

Contestants in the 2021 SuperContest will be allowed to enter a maximum of three times.

In addition to the return of the Las Vegas SuperContest, the SuperContest Gold competition will be back. The SuperContest Gold is a $5,000 buy-in, winner-take-all contest that serves as the high-stakes version of the SuperContest.

For official Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest rules, please refer to the contest’s webpage.

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