2020 SuperContest Standings Week 9: ‘ODBMG2’ Holds First Place

Las Vegas SuperContest

Despite a 1-4 result in Week 9, ‘ODBMG2’ maintained his lead atop the 2020 SuperContest standings. With a 33-11-1 overall record, ‘ODBMG2’ now has 33.5 points and is 3 points ahead of second place.

The 2020 SuperContest drew a field of 1,172 entries and has a $435,623 first-place prize.

SuperContest Top 10 After Week 9

1. ODBMG2: 33-11-1 (33.5 points)
T2. Invisible: 30-14-1 (30.5 points)
T2. Yugo77: 30-14-1 (30.5 points)
T2. Coast2Coast Degens2: 30-14-1 (30.5 points)
T2. Bet Mile High: 30-14-1 (30.5 points)
T6. AndrewScalzi: 30-15 (30 points)
T6. Squad Goals: 29-14-2 (30 points)
T6. Goosbumps: 29-14-2 (30 points)
T6. Parlay KG: 29-14-2 (30 points)
T6. Ned Landers2: 30-15 (30 points)
T6. Iced Tea: 29-14-2 (30 points)

Click here to view the official Las Vegas SuperContest standings in full.

In Week 9, ‘ODBMG2’ selected the Baltimore Ravens (-2.5), Houston Texans (-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (-14), Arizona Cardinals (-5), and New England Patriots (-7). Only the Ravens got the cover.

Behind ‘ODBMG2’ are four teams tied for second place, with big moves had by ‘Invisible,’ ‘Yugo77,’ and ‘Coast2Coast Degens2’ to move up the SuperContest leaderboard. ‘Invisible went a perfect 5-0 on the week, while ‘Yugo77’ and ‘Coast2Coast Degens2’ both went 4-1.

In Week 9, ‘Invisible’ picked the Green Bay Packers (-6.5), Carolina Panthers (+10.5), Jacksonville Jaguars (+7), New York Giants (+2.5), and New Orleans Saints (+4.5) to get his five wins. Entering the week, ‘Invisible’ was in 36th place. Two weeks ago, he was in 114th place. Thanks to a 4-1 performance in Week 8 and a 5-0 performance in Week 9, ‘Invisible’ is now in a four-way tie for second place in the SuperContest.

That’s not all the success that ‘Invisible’ had in Week 9. ‘Invisible 1,’ the SuperContest Gold entry for this contestant with the same Week 9 picks, jumped to first place in that race. You can read more about it in our latest SuperContest Gold recap.

SuperContest Prizes

The SuperContest is hosted by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. There is $1,177,360 up for grabs from the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest prize pool. Up top is a first-place prize of $435,623, and then second place is $117,736 and third place is $58,868. The top 100 places will be paid. Coming in 100th place will score a contestant a $588 payout, which is less than the $1,500 buy-in.

In addition to the overall leaderboard prizes, the SuperContest has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. There is $135,000 in Quarter Prizes available each quarter, with the quarter’s best performer getting $100,000, second place earning $25,000, and third place receiving $10,000.

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