2020 SuperContest Standings Week 6: ‘ODBMG2’ Still in First

Las Vegas SuperContest

With a 3-2 result in Week 6, ‘ODBMG2’ maintained his lead in the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest, moving to 25-5 on the season. ‘ODBMG2’ is atop the SuperContest standings for a fourth consecutive week and has a one-point lead over second place.

SuperContest Top 10 After Week 6

1. ODBMG2: 25-5 (25 points)
2. Goosbumps: 23-5-2 (24 points)
T3. Squad Goals: 22-7-1 (22.5 points)
T3. Chatt Town 117: 22-7-1 (22.5 points)
T5. Bet Mile High: 22-8 (22 points)
T5. AndrewScalzi: 22-8 (22 points)
T7. Yugo77: 21-8-1 (21.5 points)
T7. Positive Vibes: 21-8-1 (21.5 points)
T7. Look To the Cookies: 21-8-1 (21.5 points)
T10. Swami Sez: 21-9 (21 points)
T10. SS or GTFO: 21-9 (21 points)
T10. MV3: 20-8-2 (21 points)
T10. Coast2Coast Degens1: 21-9 (21 points)
T10. BumbleBee: 21-9 (21 points)
T10. 2Cowboys AndA Surfer: 21-9 (21 points)

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In Week 6, ‘ODBMG2’ selected the Detroit Lions (-3), Minnesota Vikings (-3.5), Tennessee Titans (-3), Miami Dolphins (-8.5), and Dallas Cowboys (+2). The Lions, Titans, and Dolphins all scored wins for ‘ODBMG2,’ and it was the Vikings and Cowboys tallying the two losses. The 3-2 result in Week 6 was the worst weekly result of the season for ‘ODBMG2,’ but it was enough to keep the team in first place.

‘Goosbumps’ entered Week 6 in second place and held onto that spot on the SuperContest leaderboard once again. Going 4-1 in Week 6, ‘Goosbumps’ cut the gap in half between him and ‘ODBMG2.’ ‘Goosbumps’ was behind by 2 points entering the week and is now just 1 point behind.

In Week 6, ‘Goosbumps’ picked the Chicago Bears (+1.5), Titans (-3), Pittsburgh Steelers (-3), Los Angeles Rams (-3), and Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5). Only the Rams failed to cover.

‘AndrewScalzi’ entered Week 6 in 29th place, but thanks to going 5-0 on the week, he shot into a tie for fifth on the SuperContest standings. In Week 6, ‘AndrewScalzi’ picked the Lions (-3), Titans (-3), Steelers (-3), Dolphins (-8.5), and Chiefs (-3.5).

Another big jump up the SuperContest leaderboard in Week 6 was had by ‘Positive Vibes,’ who went from 51st place into a tie for seventh thanks to a perfect 5-0 performance. ‘Positive Vibes’ selected the Lions (-3), Titans (-3), Steelers (-3), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PK), and San Francisco 49ers (+3).

A third 5-0 performance in Week 6 that vaulted a contestant into the top 10 of the 2020 SuperContest standings came from ‘MV3.’ He was on the Lions (-3), Atlanta Falcons (+3.5), Steelers (-3), 49ers (+3), and Chiefs (-3.5).

SuperContest Consensus Report

In Week 6, the top five most popular selections of the week went 2-3 in the SuperContest. The Steelers (-3) was the most popular pick and it won, but the second and third most popular picks, the Green Bay Packers (PK) and Baltimore Ravens (-7.5), both failed to cover the contest’s point spread.

Rounding out the top five SuperContest consensus for Week 6, the Chiefs (-3.5) covered and the Rams (-3) did not cover.

SuperContest Prizes

The 2020 SuperContest features a prize pool of $1,177,360. First place is set at $435,623 and then the second-place prize is $117,736. Third place will take home $58,868. The top 100 places from the 1,172-entry field are set to pay, with a minimum cash worth $588.

The SuperContest also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs in addition to the overall leaderboard prizes. There are $135,000 in Quarter Prizes available each quarter, with the quarter’s best performer getting $100,000, second place earning $25,000, and third place receiving $10,000.

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