2020 SuperContest Standings Week 5: ‘ODBMG2’ Holding First Place

Las Vegas SuperContest

With a 4-1 performance in Week 5, SuperContest contestant ‘ODBMG2’ remained in first place atop the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest standings. His overall record is now 22-3, good for an 88% winning percentage, and he’s two points clear of second place.

SuperContest Top 10 After Week 5

1. ODBMG2: 22-3 (22 points)
2. Goosbumps: 19-4-2 (20 points)
T3. Swami Sez: 19-6 (19 points)
T3. Coast2Coast Degens1: 19-6 (19 points)
T3. BumbleBee: 19-6 (19 points)
T3. Bet Mile High: 19-6 (19 points)
T7. Yugo77: 18-6-1 (18.5 points)
T7. Tom Lippard: 18-6-1 (18.5 points)
T7. Team PiKapp: 18-6-1 (18.5 points)
T7. Squad Goals: 18-6-1 (18.5 points)
T7. Chatt Town 117: 18-6-1 (18.5 points)

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‘ODBMG2’ was the winner of the SuperContest’s $100,000 Quarter Prize in the first quarter and jumped out to a decent start in the second quarter with the 4-1 result in Week 5. There were 68 contestants who went 5-0 in Week 5 and the second quarter runs through Week 8.

In Week 5, ‘ODBMG2’ selected the Houston Texans (-6), Arizona Cardinals (-7), Pittsburgh Steelers (-7), New York Giants (+9.5), and Seattle Seahawks (-7). The Seahawks were the only pick of that group of five that didn’t cover the point spread.

‘ODBMG2’ has been selecting favorites more than he has been picking underdogs. Of the 25 picks he’s made, ‘ODBMG2’ has taken a favorite 18 times and is 16-2 when doing so. In the seven times he’s selected an underdog, ‘ODBMG2’ is 6-1. He slightly leans to taking road teams over home teams. He’s been on the road team 14 times and the home team 11 times, going 12-2 with road teams and 10-1 with home teams. ‘ODBMG2’ has taken the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs three times each. He’s 3-0 when selecting the Colts and 2-1 when taking the Chiefs.

Contestant ‘Goosbumps,’ who sits in second place on the SuperContest leaderboard through Week 5, also leans to take favorites more than he does underdogs. He’s taken the favored side 17 times and gone 13-3-1 when doing so. ‘Goosbumps’ has been on an underdog eight times with a record of 6-1-1.

SuperContest Consensus Report

The most popular SuperContest selection for Week 5 was the Pittsburgh Steelers (-7). The Steelers were picked by 437 of the SuperContest’s 1,172 contestants. On the shoulders of a 4-touchdown performance from wide receiver Chase Claypool, the Steelers covered against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cleveland Browns (+1.5), Arizona Cardinals (-7), and Minnesota Vikings (+7) were the next most popular picks from Week 5. The Browns were picked 393 times, the Cardinals were picked 349 times, and the Vikings were picked 310 times. They all covered the point spread. The fifth most popular selection of the week was the Cincinnati Bengals (+12.5), and they failed to cover against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

SuperContest Prizes

The 2020 SuperContest features a prize pool of $1,177,360. First place is set at $435,623 and then there is a big dropoff to the second-place prize of $117,736. Third place will win $58,868. The top 100 places from the 1,172-entry field are set to pay, with a minimum cash worth $588.

The SuperContest also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs in addition to the overall leaderboard prizes. There are $135,000 in Quarter Prizes available each quarter, with the quarter’s best performer getting $100,000, second place earning $25,000, and third place receiving $10,000.

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