2020 SuperContest Standings Week 15: 3-Point Lead for ‘ODBMG2’

Las Vegas SuperContest

With a $435,623 first-place prize on the line, the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest is down to its final two weeks. Leading the way atop the SuperContest standings is contestant ‘ODBMG2,’ who has a record of 49-22-4 for 51 points after Week 15.

‘ODBMG2’ has been in the SuperContest lead for 13 weeks in a row, going all the way back to Week 3 when he first climbed the leaderboard to the top spot. It’s been an incredible run for ‘ODBMG2,’ but the race isn’t over yet. Entering Week 15, ‘ODBMG2’ was 4 points ahead of the competition. He went 1-2-2 in Week 15 and saw his lead cut to 3 points. While that’s still a healthy cushion with two weeks to go, ‘ODBMG2’ will need to finish strong to hold off his challengers.

‘Yugo77’ is the closest competitor to ‘ODBMG2’ on the SuperContest leaderboard, sitting in second place with 48 points from a 47-26-2 record. It’s then ‘Tribe Ojibwa’ and ‘DFleming 221’ tied for third place at 46-26-3 for 47.5 points.

SuperContest Top 10 After Week 15

1. ODBMG2: 48-20-2 (49 points)
2. Yugo77: 47-26-2 (48 points)
T3. Tribe Ojibwa: 46-26-3 (47.5 points)
T3. DFleming 221: 46-26-3 (47.5 points)
T5. Dixon_Cider: 45-26-4 (47 points)
T5. 3rd Ward Cougars: 45-26-4 (47 points)
7. Houston 69: 45-27-3 (46.5 points)
T8. Iced Tea: 45-28-2 (46 points)
T8. CosmoKramer: 45-28-2 (46 points)
T8. Buck Bundy: 44-27-4 (46 points)
T8. The Kings of Green: 44-27-4 (46 points)
T8. Tom Lippard: 44-27-4 (46 points)
T8. Capenj: 45-28-2 (46 points)
T8. Chazman: 45-28-2 (46 points)
T8. Invisible: 44-27-4 (46 points)

Click here to view the official Las Vegas SuperContest standings in full.

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Week 15 wasn’t the best week for ‘ODBMG2,’ but many others near him on the SuperContest leaderboard didn’t fare too well either. ‘ODBMG2’ went 1-2-2 to earn 2 points. It was only the third time this season that ‘ODBMG2’ picked up fewer than 3 points in a single week.

In Week 15, ‘ODBMG2’ had the Cleveland Browns (-4.5) as his lone winning pick, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6) and Pittsburgh Steelers (-12.5) were the two losing picks. The Seattle Seahawks (-5) and Kansas City Chiefs (-3) were the two picks for ‘ODBMG2’ that pushed.

No one in the current top 10 of the SuperContest standings scored a perfect 5-0 result in Week 15, but a pair of contestants went 4-0-1, which is the next best result. ‘Tribe Ojibwa’ went 4-0-1 with the Carolina Panthers (+8.5), Buffalo Bills (-6.5), Chicago Bears (+3), Arizona Cardinals (-6), and Washington Football Team (+5). That allowed ‘Tribe Ojibwa’ to jump from eighth place into a tie for third.

‘Dixon_Cider’ also went 4-0-1 in Week 15. He picked the Miami Dolphins (-2), Chicago Bears (+3), Cleveland Browns (-4.5), Arizona Cardinals (-6), and Indianapolis Colts (-7). Coming into the week, ‘Dixon_Cider’ was in 17th place. The Week 15 result vaulted him into a tie for fifth on the SuperContest leaderboard. It’s the first time ‘Dixon_Cider’ has been in the top 10 of the SuperContest standings.

SuperContest Prizes

The SuperContest is hosted by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. There is $1,177,360 up for grabs from the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest prize pool. Up top is a first-place prize of $435,623, and then second place is $117,736 and third place is $58,868. The top 100 places will be paid. Coming in 100th place will score a contestant a $588 payout, which is less than the $1,500 buy-in.

In addition to the overall leaderboard prizes, the SuperContest has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. There are $135,000 in Quarter Prizes available each quarter, with the quarter’s best performer getting $100,000, second place earning $25,000, and third place receiving $10,000. The final quarter runs Week 13 through Week 17.

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