2020 SuperContest Standings Week 1: 32 Contestants Go 5-0

Las Vegas SuperContest

The 2020 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest is off and running. After Week 1 of the NFL season, 32 contestants remained undefeated with perfect 5-0 results. With 1,172 entries in the field, the 32 entries to go a perfect 5-0 represent 2.7% of the field.

In Week 1, 32 contestants posted perfect 5-0 results. On the other end of the spectrum, 25 contestants went 0-5 or failed to submit an entry for the week. The average points per team in Week 1 was 2.53.

The Buffalo Bills (-6.5) were the most selected team in Week 1, but not by much. The Bills were selected by 344 contestants, while the Los Angeles Rams (+3) were picked by 337 contestants. Also selected more than 300 times apiece were the Atlanta Falcons (+2.5) at 304 picks and the Tennessee Titans (-2.5) at 303 picks.

The two least-selected teams in Week 1 were the two squads that played on Thursday night, the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs were 9-point favorites on the contest point spread and both sides were picked 47 times.

Of the 32 contestants to go 5-0 in Week 1, the Bills were the most selected team among that group, picked by 22 teams. The next most popular picks from this group of 32 were the Los Angeles Rams (+3) and Pittsburgh Steelers (-6), both picked 17 times, and then it was the Baltimore Ravens (-8), picked 15 times.

What They’re Playing For

This year’s SuperContest attracted a field of 1,172 entries, which is down quite a bit from last year’s record-setting field of 3,328 entries. Part of the drop in numbers is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and part is due to the rise of the Circa Sports Million.

With $1,380 of every $1,500 buy-in going to the SuperContest prize pool and the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook adding $100,000 to the quarterly prizes, there is $1,717,360 up for grabs in total. The 2020 SuperContest’s quarterly prizes account for $540,000 of that prize pool, meaning there is $1,177,360 left to play for.

In 2019, ‘It Aint Breezy’ won the Las Vegas SuperContest for $1.469 million.

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