2020 SuperContest Gold Standings Week 6: ‘AndrewScalzi2’ Claims the Lead

Las Vegas SuperContest Gold

With a perfect 5-0 performance in Week 6, 2020 SuperContest Gold contestant ‘AndrewScalzi2’ jumped into first place on the SuperContest Gold leaderboard. He’s now 22-8 overall with a half-point lead over second place.

SuperContest Gold Top 10 After Week 6

1. AndrewScalzi2: 22-8 (22 points)
2. BrettFavre 444: 21-8-1 (21.5 points)
T3. RightAngleSports1: 20-10 (20 points)
T3. NicheGold: 20-10 (20 points)
T5. Iced Tea 2: 19-10-1 (19.5 points)
T5. Hand of Doom: 19-10-1 (19.5 points)
T5. FrankiesForce: 19-10-1 (19.5 points)
T5. Crispr: 16-8-1 19-10-1 (19.5 points)
T9. IG:ThisIsWalkerAt: 19-11 (19 points)
T9. Etide: 19-11 (19 points)

Click here to view the official Las Vegas SuperContest standings in full.

In Week 6, ‘AndrewScalzi2’ selected the Detroit Lions (-3), Tennessee Titans (-3), Pittsburgh Steelers (-3), Miami Dolphins (-8.5), and Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5). If those picks ring a bell, it’s because those are the same picks this contestant made in the SuperContest, where he’s competing under the entry name ‘AndrewScalzi.’ In the SuperContest, ‘AndrewScalzi’ is in a tie for fifth place out of 1,172 entries.

Week 6’s perfect 5-0 result marked the second consecutive week of a 5-0 result for ‘AndrewScalzi2.’ In each of the first four weeks, ‘AndrewScalzi2’ posted a 3-2 result.

‘AndrewScalzi2’ has been focusing his picks mostly on favorites this NFL season. He’s selected the favored team on 22 occasions and has gone 16-6 when doing so. ‘AndrewScalzi2’ has taken an underdog eight times and has gone 6-2 when doing so.

Coming into Week 6, ‘BrettFavre 444’ was leading the field, but he went 4-1 and is now a half-point out of first place. ‘BrettFavre 444’ shared the picks of the Titans (-3), Steelers (-3), and Chiefs (-3.5) with ‘AndrewScalzi2.’ His Week 6 selections then differed with having the Washington Football Team (+2.5) and Dallas Cowboys (+2). Washington got the cover, but the Cowboys did not.

The 72 contestants in the 2020 SuperContest Gold are all playing for the winner-take-all $360,000 top prize. Last year, ‘Walter Payton’ topped the 128-entry field to win the 2019 SuperContest Gold’s $585,000 first-place prize.

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