2020 SuperContest Gold Standings Week 15: ‘BrettFavre 444’ Leads

Las Vegas SuperContest Gold

The Las Vegas SuperContest Gold is a high-stakes sports betting contest with a $5,000 buy-in and a winner-take-all prize pool. The 2020 edition attracted a field of 72 entrants to generate a $360,000 first-place prize. After Week 15 of the NFL, contestant ‘BrettFavre 444’ sits atop the SuperContest Gold leaderboard with 48 points.

Each week, contestants pick five NFL games against the contest point spread. If the team selected covers the spread, it’s worth one point for the contestant. If the team doesn’t cover the spread, it’s worth zero points. In the case of a push (tie), then the contestant receives half of a point. The contest runs the duration of the NFL regular season.

Through 15 weeks of the NFL regular season, ‘BrettFavre 444’ has a record of 46 wins, 25 losses, and 4 pushes, good for 48 points. He’s sitting 2 points ahead of second place, where ‘Iced Tea 2’ and ‘Invisible 1’ are tied at 46 points each.

SuperContest Gold Top 10 After Week 15

1. BrettFavre 444: 46-25-4 (48 points)
T2. Iced Tea 2: 45-28-2 (46 points)
T2. Invisible 1: 44-27-4 (46 points)
4. WalterFootball.com!: 44-29-2 (45 points)
T5. Good Men: 43-30-2 (44 points)
T5. AndrewScalzi2: 42-29-4 (44 points)
T5. Etide: 42-29-4 (44 points)
8. Eisenhower: 42-31-2 (43 points)
T9. Frankies Force: 41-31-3 (42.5 points)
T9. Gamble On Gold: 41-31-3 (42.5 points)
T9. Steve Stevens: 41-31-3 (42.5 points)
T9. Crispr: 41-31-3 (42.5 points)

Click here to view the official Las Vegas SuperContest standings in full.

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In Week 15, ‘BrettFavre 444’ selected the Indianapolis Colts (-7), Seattle Seahawks (-5), Cleveland Browns (-4.5), San Francisco 49ers (-3), and Pittsburgh Steelers (-12.5). That resulted in a 1-2-2 week for ‘BrettFavre 444.’ The Browns won and covered the spread, the Colts and Seahawks pushed, and the 49ers and Steelers failed to cover.

Coming into the week, ‘Iced Tea 2’ was in fourth place, but his picks went 4-1 in Week 15 to jump him up and into a tie with ‘Invisible 1’ for second place. ‘Invisible 1’ went 0-3-2 in Week 15.

In Week 15, ‘Iced Tea 2’ picked the Los Angeles Chargers (+3), Carolina Panthers (+8.5), Buffalo Bills (-6.5), and Chicago Bears (+3) as winning sides. His one losing pick of the week was the New England Patriots (+2).

‘Invisible 1’ went 0-3-2 with the Houston Texans (+7) and New Orleans Saints (+3) pushing and the New England Patriots (+2), San Francisco 49ers (-3), and Pittsburgh Steelers (-12.5) losing.

With two weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, the race for the 2020 SuperContest Gold title and $360,000 top prize is an exciting one to follow. Although ‘BrettFavre 444’ leads by 2 points, that lead could evaporate in one week. Be sure to stay tuned to SharpSide.com for continued coverage of the 2020 SuperContest Gold.

Last year, ‘Walter Payton’ topped the 128-entry field to win the 2019 SuperContest Gold’s $585,000 first-place prize.

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