2020 Circa Sports Million Standings Week 6: One Contestant Absolutely Crushing

Circa Sports Million

The 2020 Circa Sports Million pro football contest is through Week 6 and one contestant is absolutely crushing. Contestant ‘Presence-1’ is on top of the Circa Sports Million standings with a record of 25-4-1, good for 25.5 points. This contestant is also holding onto second place on the Circa Sports Million leaderboard with his ‘Presence-2’ entry that is 25-5 for 25 points, but that’s not all. The team’s third entry, ‘Presence-3,’ is 24-5-1 for 24.5 points and in a two-way tie for third place.

The Circa Sports Million drew 3,148 entries this year and has a first-place prize of $1,000,000. Second place is $300,000 and third place is $100,000. There is a maximum of three entries per person.

Circa Sports Million Top 10 After Week 6

1. Presence-1: 25-4-1 (25.5 points)
2. Presence-2: 25-5 (25 points)
T3. Presence-3: 24-5-1 (24.5 points)
T3. Aaron White-1: 24-5-1 (24.5 points)
5. SunnySanDiego-1: 23-6-1 (23.5 points)
T6. Suited Aces-1: 23-7 (23 points)
T6. Red Chip Mafia-2: 23-7 (23 points)
T8. MustWin-1: 22-7-1 (22.5 points)
T8. Bet Mile High-1: 22-7-1 (22.5 points)
T8. Sheila’s Boys-1: 22-7-1 (22.5 points)

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In Week 6, ‘Presence-1’ selected the Atlanta Falcons (+3.5), Pittsburgh Steelers (-3), Cincinnati Bengals (+7.5), Miami Dolphins (-8.5), and Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5). Each of those picks covered the point spread to give ‘Presence-1’ a perfect 5-0 Week.

The ‘Presence-2’ card included the Falcons (+3.5), Steelers (-3), Dolphins (-8.5), and Chiefs (-3.5), which were also on the ‘Presence-1’ card, but then added the Chicago Bears (+1.5). This card also booked a 5-0 result in Week 6, giving ‘Presence-2’ back-to-back 5-0 weeks and three 5-0 weeks out of the last four.

As if things couldn’t get any better, the ‘Presence-3’ card also went a perfect 5-0. This card was made up of the Bears (+1.5), Steelers (-3), Bengals (+7.5), Dolphins (-8.5), and Chiefs (-3.5).

If the Circa Sports Million were to end right now, ‘Presence-1,’ ‘Presence-2,’ and ‘Presence-3’ would collect a combined $1,350,000 in prize money.

Week 6 was the second week of the Circa Sports Million’s second quarter. If you recall, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ won $187,000 from taking the first Quarter Prize of the season. There’s another $187,000 first-place prize up for grabs in the second quarter, which runs through Week 8, so there are two more weeks left.

Only two contestants remain undefeated in the second quarter. ‘Presence-2’ is one of those contestants with a 10-0 record, and then ‘GoatMilk-1’ is the other. Overall, the ‘GoatMilk-1’ entry is tied for 435th with a record of 18-12, but that’s what makes the Quarter Prizes so great. Entering Week 5, when the second quarter began, ‘GoatMilk-1’ was 8-12 on the season. Not only has he completely turned his season around with his performances over the last two weeks, but he is tied for first place in the race for the second Quarter Prize of the season.

Circa Sports Million Prizes

The winner of the second-ever Circa Sports Million is set to take home $1,000,000. It’s still early, but ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ is the frontrunner after Week 4. Finishing in the top three but not winning won’t get you a million dollars, but it will get you $300,000 for second place and $100,000 for third place.

The Circa Sports Million also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. The next quarter involves Week 5 through Week 8. The leader after Week 8 will take home a prize of $187,000. The contestant with the second-best record after Week 8 will get $75,000 and third place after Week 8 will take home $25,000.

$100,000 Booby Prize Update

There’s also a $100,000 Booby Prize up for grabs in the Circa Sports Million II contest. This will go to the contestant who posts the worst record at the end of the season.

After Week 6, ‘What Was I Just Sayi-1’ is the lowest (or highest) man on the board, sitting at 6-23-1 for 6.5 points. There are then five contestants tied at 8-22 for 8 points and one contestant at 8-21-1 for 8.5 points.

To be eligible for the Booby Prize, contestants must submit all five picks every week. You cannot simply withhold submitting your picks.

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