2020 Circa Sports Million Standings Week 5: ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ Maintains Lead

Circa Sports Million

After winning the $187,000 Quarter Prize for being in first place through Week 4, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ maintained his spot atop the Circa Sports Million standings through Week 5. It wasn’t the best week for ‘SunnySanDiego-1,’ who went 3-2 in Week 5, but it was enough to have him stay in first place among the 3,148 entries.

Circa Sports Million Top 10 After Week 5

1. SunnySanDiego-1: 21-3-1 (21.5 points)
T2. Aaron White-1: 20-4-1 (20.5 points)
T2. Presence-1: 20-4-1 (20.5 points)
T4. Carolina Saints-1: 20-5 (20 points)
T4. Jo-Jo-Dasher-1: 20-5 (20 points)
T4. Marphil-1: 20-5 (20 points)
T4. ODBMG-2: 20-5 (20 points)
T4. Presence-2: 20-5 (20 points)
T4. Red Chip Mafia-2: 20-5 (20 points)
T10. Augie Dawg-3: 19-5-1 (19.5 points)
T10. DSR90-1: 19-5-1 (19.5 points)
T10. Presence-3: 19-5-1 (19.5 points)
T10. Sheila’s Boys-1: 19-5-1 (19.5 points)

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In Week 5, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5), Houston Texans (-6), Pittsburgh Steelers (-7), Miami Dolphins (+8.5), and Dallas Cowboys (-9.5). The Buccaneers played on Thursday Night Football to kick off Week 5, and they lost to the Chicago Bears by one point. Tom Brady looked good in the first half for the Buccaneers, but the game got away from Tampa Bay later on and the Bears were able to squeak out the victory even though Nick Foles and company didn’t look the best.

The other loss for ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ was the Cowboys. Dallas won the game but didn’t cover the 9.5-point spread. To make matters worse, starting QB and NFL passing leader Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending broken leg. Going forward, it will be Andy Dalton under center for the Cowboys.

With a three-entry max in the Circa Sports Million, it looks like one contestant is having quite the start to the season, despite not being in first place. ‘Presence-1’ is tied for second place, ‘Presence-2’ is tied for fourth place, and ‘Presence-3’ is tied for 10th place after Week 5.

Circa Sports Million Prizes

The winner of the second-ever Circa Sports Million is set to take home $1,000,000 and the top 50 places from the 3,148-entry field will finish in the money. Through Week 5, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ remains the frontrunner.

The Circa Sports Million also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. We pointed out that ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ scooped the first big Quarter Prize of $187,000, and the next quarter involves Week 5 through Week 8. The leader after Week 8 will take home a prize of $187,000. The contestant with the second-best record after Week 8 will get $75,000 and third place after Week 8 will take home $25,000.

‘SunnySanDiego-1’ didn’t get a great start to the second quarter, going 3-2 in Week 5, but there are still three weeks left. There were 197 teams that went a perfect 5-0 in Week 5.

$100,000 Booby Prize Update

There’s also a $100,000 Booby Prize up for grabs in the Circa Sports Million II contest. This will go to the contestant who posts the worst record at the end of the season. To be eligible for the Booby Prize, contestants must submit all five picks every week. You cannot simply withhold submitting your picks.

After Week 5, ‘Touchdown-1’ leads in the race for last place with a record of 5-20. Behind him are two contestants, ‘Pay ASAP-1’ and ‘What Was I Just Sayi-1,’ at 5-19-1.

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