2020 Circa Sports Million Standings Week 4: ‘SunnySanDiego’ Wins $187,000

Circa Sports Million

The first four weeks of the 2020 Circa Sports Million contest are in the books. With a record of 18-1-1 and 18.5 points, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ sits atop the Circa Sports Million standings. In Week 4, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ went a perfect 5-0.

In addition to leading the Circa Sports Million after four weeks, ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ picked up the contest’s first Quarter Prize, which won him a whopping $187,000 in prize money. Tied for second place after Week 4 are ‘ODBMG-2’ and ‘Red Chip Mafia-2,’ each with a record of 17-3. There is a $75,000 Quarter Prize for the second-place finisher and $25,000 prize for the third-place finisher through four weeks of the Circa Sports Million, and ‘ODBMG-2’ and ‘Red Chip Mafia-2’ will split the total of $100,000 evenly for $50,000 each.

‘ODBMG-2’ is also the contestant behind the ‘ODBMG2’ entry in the 2020 Las Vegas SuperContest. There, he finished in first place through the first four weeks and picked up the $100,000 Quarter Prize for the first quarter. After four weeks, his total winnings in the Circa Sports Million and SuperContest are $150,000.

Circa Sports Million Top 10 After Week 4

1. SunnySanDiego-1: 18-1-1 (18.5 points)
T2. ODBMG-2: 17-3 (17 points)
T2. Red Chip Mafia-2: 17-3 (17 points)
4. Aaron White-1: 16-3-1 (16.5 points)
T5. Augie Dawg-3: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Bald Razors-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Carolina Saints-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. ChickenDinner-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Marphil-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. ODBMG-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Presence-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Sheila’s Boys-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Shoots & Scores-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. StevenVegas-1: 16-4 (16 points)
T5. Sting-2: 16-4 (16 points)

‘SunnySanDiego-1’ was tied for first place with ‘Aaron White-1’ entering Week 4 of the Circa Sports Million. For those who might’ve read our Sharp NFL Week 4 Picks from Vegas Contest Leaders article, you’ll know that ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ was on the Denver Broncos (+1.5), Cincinnati Bengals (-3), Minnesota Vikings (+5), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5), and Buffalo Bills (-3) in Week 4. An interesting thing is that ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ picked the Broncos and they played on Thursday night, meaning he had to submit all five of his Circa Sports Million picks before that game kicked off and passed on having addition information to use that might have come on Friday or Saturday before the submission deadline.

‘Aaron White-1’ ended up going 3-2 on the week and slipped back to fourth place. His picks were the Arizona Cardinals (-3), Jacksonville Jaguars (+3), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5), Baltimore Ravens (-12.5), and Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5), with the Cardinals and Jaguars failing to cover the point spread. Because ‘ODBMG-2’ and ‘Red Chip Mafia-2’ were able to go 4-1 on the week, they jumped ahead of ‘Aaron White-1’ and caused him to miss out on any prizes from the first quarter.

In addition to the ‘ODBMG-2’ contest entry that is sitting tied for second place, this contestant has ‘ODBMG-1’ sitting in a tie for fifth place. That’s quite an impressive start and it only becomes more impressive when you see that this contestant has entries in the SuperContest that are in first place and tied for 14th.

Circa Sports Million Prizes

The winner of the second-ever Circa Sports Million is set to take home $1,000,000. It’s still early, but ‘SunnySanDiego-1’ is the frontrunner after Week 4. Finishing in the top three but not winning won’t get you a million dollars, but it will get you $300,000 for second place and $100,000 for third place.

The Circa Sports Million also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. The next quarter involves Week 5 through Week 8. The leader after Week 8 will take home a prize of $187,000. The contestant with the second-best record after Week 8 will get $75,000 and third place after Week 8 will take home $25,000.

$100,000 Booby Prize Update

There’s also a $100,000 Booby Prize up for grabs in the Circa Sports Million II contest. This will go to the contestant who posts the worst record at the end of the season. After Week 4, two contestants sit at 3-16-1, which is only 3.5 points, and they’re tied at the bottom of the leaderboard. Those two contestants are ‘Pay ASAP-1’ and ‘What Was I Just Sayi-1.’ To be eligible for the Booby Prize, contestants must submit all five picks every week. You cannot simply withhold submitting your picks.

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