2020 Circa Sports Million Standings Week 10: ‘Presence’ Back To Crushing

Circa Sports Million

Ten weeks are now in the books in the 2020 Circa Sports Million contest. With a perfect 5-0 performance in Week 10, contestant ‘Presence-2’ improved to 38-12 and is in first place with 38 points. There are seven weeks left in the race for the $1,000,000 top prize.

In addition to holding first place after Week 10, ‘Presence’ shares in a three-way tie for second place with his ‘Presence-1’ entry. This entry also went 5-0 in Week 10, and it’s now 36-13-1 on the season for 36.5 points. Then there’s the ‘Presence-3’ entry that is tied for fifth place at 35-14-1. It’s safe to say that ‘Presence’ is crushing the 2020 Circa Sports Million.

This year’s Circa Sports Million contest drew a field of 3,148 entries.

Circa Sports Million Top 10 After Week 10

1. Presence-2: 38-12 (38 points)
T2. Presence-1: 36-13-1 (36.5 points)
T2. Sheila’s Boys-1: 36-13-1 (36.5 points)
T2. SunnySanDiego-1: 36-13-1 (36.5 points)
T5. ChickenDinner-1: 35-14-1 (35.5 points)
T5. Presence-3: 35-14-1 (35.5 points)
7. 818Madden20Survivors-1: 35-15 (35 points)
T8. Aaron White-1: 34-15-1 (34.5 points)
T8. DSR90-1: 34-15-1 (34.5 points)
T10. Iced Tea-2: 34-16 (34 points)
T10. ODBMG-2: 34-16 (34 points)
T10. Sienafoods-1: 34-16 (34 points)

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On his ‘Presence-2’ entry, the teams selected for Week 10 were the Pittsburgh Steelers (-7), New York Giants (+3), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5), Los Angeles Rams (-2), and Miami Dolphins (-2.5). All of those picks covered to give ‘Presence-2’ a perfect 5-0 result.

The contestant’s ‘Presence-1’ card also went a perfect 5-0 on the week, but the picks weren’t the same five. The ‘Presence-1’ card included the Steelers (-7), Buccaneers (-5.5), Rams (-2), and Dolphins (-2.5), but then it also included the New England Patriots (+7).

Although the ‘Presence-3’ entry didn’t go 5-0 like the contestant’s other two cards, it did put up an impressive 4-1 result. This card shared the Steelers (-7), Buccaneers (-5.5), Rams (-2), and Dolphins (-2.5) picks, but then it added the Buffalo Bills (+1.5) as the fifth selection. Thanks to a wild finish that resulted in a Kyler Murray Hail Mary being caught by DeAndre Hopkins, the Arizona Cardinals beat the Bills and covered the point spread.

If the 2020 Circa Sports Million ended today, ‘Presence’ would win the $1,000,000 first-place prize and then he’d take home $118,750 for being in a three-way tie for second place and another $40,000 for being in a two-way tie for fifth place, totaling $1,158,750 in prize money.

In Week 10 of the Circa Sports Million, 49 teams went a perfect 5-0 and 335 teams went 4-1. The average points scored per team was 2.25 points.

Circa Sports Million Prizes

The top 50 spots on the Circa Sports Million leaderboard are set to finish in the money, with the winner looking to take home a cool $1,000,000 top prize. Last season, Isaac Meier, playing as ‘Booty Blockers-1,’ took home the contest’s first-ever $1,000,000 prize.

In the 2020 Circa Sports Million, second place is $300,000 and third place is $100,000, so there is plenty of big money on offer.

The Circa Sports Million also has Quarter Prizes up for grabs. The next quarter involves Week 9 through Week 12. The leader after Week 12 will take home a prize of $187,000. The contestant with the second-best record after Week 12 will get $75,000 and third place after Week 12 will take home $25,000.

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